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Dear Friend,

Would you like to own a piece of equipment that makes you money, while saving you money, time and your health? Sound too good to be true.

Let me explain, I think you’ll find this info to be extremely valuable. You will discover how to efficiently solve your cold storage and distribution needs and explode your profits.

For over a decade now, I have been helping small businesses and Fortune 500 companies increase their net income while helping them reach previously untapped markets.



You need more cold storage space or a more efficient way to distribute your refrigerated or frozen product.



Cooler Trailers manufacture a clean, super-quiet, high quality portable reefer trailer. Our portable refrigerated and freezer trailers will:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save on Insurance
  • Save on Maintenance & Repairs
  • Save on Fuel Costs
  • Easy to Operate, Just Plug In
  • Increase Productivity
  • Require No Special License or Permit to Operate
  • Use your Existing Vehicle
  • Easy Ground Entry, NO Ramps or Steps Necessary

Consider this..

Today, new refrigerated vans cost about $38,000 to $78,000 depending on options, refrigeration,etc. And the same goes for refrigerated trucks.

Do you know that people are still paying those outrageous prices just because they don’t know there is an alternative? That’s why I got involved twelve years ago.

We owned a family A/C & Heating Business for over 30 years in Daytona Beach, Florida and one day while doing some research I stumbled upon this underserved group of folks and the rest is history as they say.

Back then I could count on a couple of fingers the companies that manufactured and sold a product that would help this market. Today, we are still one of the few that custom build small refrigerated trailers.


These companies already know the secret to exploding growth and growing massive profits while containing costs. Now it’s your turn!


We have seen a lot over the past 12 years with portable refrigerated trailers. There really are two key ingredients involved here, the refrigeration and the trailer. We’ve seen some folks get part of it right while most fail at both aspects when designing and building a small refrigerated trailer.


Let’s start with the trailer. This is the foundation of everything we do. The regular cargo- enclosed trailer industry has changed over the years and they are cutting out the strength and durability we require. Please don’t get a trailer off the lot and try this at home like so many we see out there today.


Here’s What Makes Cooler Trailers The Best Choice:

  1. Tube Steel and Aluminum Construction. Steel and aluminum are the industry standard because of their long-lasting strength and durability. Fiberglass and wood trailers are not as strong and durable. They’re not designed to withstand the rigors of the road.
  2. Tube Steel Framed Doors with Aluminum. Some of our competitors cut corners by using plywood with aluminum skin for their doors. As a result, they can’t match our strength and durability.
  3. Aluminum One Piece Roof & Sidewalls. Unlike our competitors that make extensive use of wood—we don’t experience issues with mold or mildew. This can result in costly repairs and downtime.
  4. Insulated Sub-Floor with Aluminum Underbelly. This provides better strength, greater efficiency, and more storage capacity. Our competitors add foam to the inside of trailer and build it up so you can trample down the foam with your product. Over time they have problems with high and low spots in floor.
  5. Powered By Standard 110-Volt (15 Amp) Current. Most of our competitors require special wiring or generator to operate. Cooler Trailers are more economical to run and easier to find power.Note: If you need to maintain below zero degrees—or just want to cool down supersonic fast—we can install a 220-volt system. (option upgrade)
  6. Generator Mounting Plate. We extend our triple tube steel tongue and provide a mounting area for a generator. Perfect for on the go transport needs. (Generator sold separately.)
  7. Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Insulation (R-8 Value Per Square Inch). Our insulation has Twice the R-value of polystyrene (Styrofoam) used by some of our competitors. As a result, our units will cool down quicker, stay colder longer and use less energy.
  8. Hot Gas Defrost System. It’s important to defrost the ice that forms on the evaporator coil of refrigeration units. Hot Gas is the fastest and most effective way to defrost the cooling system while also keeping your product at a safe temperature.Most of our competitors use cheaper less effective, defrost methods. Others just install a defrost clock or timer that just shuts the unit off—and hope that the unit will defrost on its own. However this is dangerous for the refrigerated or frozen product inside!
  9. We Use Standard Refrigeration Systems. That means our trailers are easier and more cost-effective to own and service. Unlike many competing products, any basic refrigeration technician can service our systems. No expensive specialist required.
  10. Specially Modified Refrigeration Systems For Transportation. Copper lines will easily snap from the side to side and up and down motion of a moving trailer. You won’t find any copper lines connecting the condenser and evaporator on big transport rigs and you won’t find it on our trailers either. We use a proprietary system that is durable and reliable. This eliminates costly repairs, lost product and downtime.
  11. Digital Electronic Controls. Just set it and forget about it!
  12. Freezer Curtains. Our curtains come standard with every unit. No add on here. Our cooler curtains keep the cold air in while loading and unloading.
  13. Extremely Easy To Use. There’s NO complicated set-up – just plug it in, set the temperature and load it up.
  14. Extremely Easy To Use. There’s NO complicated set-up – just plug it in, set the temperature and load it up.

Cooler Trailers Are Built For Strength and Durability

They are built with strength and durability in mind. Our trailers are made of steel tube not z-post or hat post.We have even seen folks taking walk in coolers and installing them on flat bed trailers.Be careful as many of these structures are not D.O.T. approved, you can be fined or even worse injure someone.Use common sense, walk in coolers are constructed to sit inside or outside a building. They are not designed for the rigors of the road going up and down and side to side. They offer no structural support.
Our standard refrigeration units are built specifically for us directly and have hot gas defrost, the most effective and fast way to defrost.Refrigeration is just as important and you definitely want to get this part right. We have perfected our units so they can be used for coolers and freezers both. Make sure that even if you are purchasing a cooler that the refrigeration system has defrost capability, preferably hot gas defrost.I mention this because so many folks find out the hard way that if you want your trailer to stay at 35 degrees, your evaporator coil has to be 12- 15 degrees cooler than that to maintain your temperature. It may take 12 hours or 24 hours but eventually you are going to get an ice build up on your coil and you will need a way to defrost it or else lose your product.

Copper Anyone?

We learned our lesson from the big boys on this one. Copper is a soft metal that will twist and break easily. Besides, you won’t find any copper lines connecting the condenser and evaporator on big transport rigs and you won’t find it on our trailers either.


We modify our units for transportation with special proprietary high pressure hose to connect the evaporator coil to condenser coil. This allows the unit to handle the side to side and up & down motion the road provides (It’s not cheap but you’re worth it).


So there you are staring at your broken down piece of equipment. Scared to death wondering how much it will cost to repair this time. Can they put some super glue or bubble gum on it to just get me through a little longer? Will the repairman hand me his bill without his ski mask on. And then you start to add up the previous repair bills in your head and now you’re furious that a piece of equipment has cost you this much to operate and maintain. Then you realize that you could have taken the family on that nice vacation or got that vehicle you really wanted for what this equipment has cost you. Now you pinky swear to yourself that you are not going to let this happen again. Well, what are you waiting for?
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”Albert Einstein

“Okay Tom – So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Refrigerated Trailer?”

Other portable refrigerated trailers using expensive over the road refrigeration systems easily cost over $25,000 and still require an expensive specialist to repair and maintain.

Let’s do a quick van or truck comparison – Insurance costs alone on a trailer versus a van will save you $200/ per month. The convenience factor is subjective but we do know it’s easier and more productive to drop a trailer for someone to use than bring an extra driver to drop a van then keep it full of gas to operate, etc. Let’s say a trailer saves an hour a day at a labor rate of $10/hr, that’s $200/ per month.

We said that our Cooler Trailers not only save money but make you money. When you are not using this equipment in your business you can easily rent it out for $600 a week all the time like several of our customers do.

Can you put a price on your health? We know it’s priceless. We also know there is value from more productivity. Hauling more cargo than a van, getting done faster and more efficiently and not breaking your back working out of ice chests or freezers are just a few. Combine just these few numbers $200/ mos. insurance savings and $200/mos. labor plus $600 rent out 1 week out of the month = $1000/ mos. in savings and income on the low side.

Cooler Trailers 60 month lease to own program lets you own a:

6×10 110 Volt Portable Reefer Trailer single 5200 lb. axle (hauls approx. 3500-4000 lbs. of cargo) for as low as $300/month with approved credit ($15,497 Cash Price F.O.B. Ormond Beach, Fl.) Click Here For Finance Application And Free Finance Quote

Or a

7×12 110 Volt Portable Reefer Trailer tandem 3500 lb. axles for as low as $395/month with approved credit ($17,997 Cash Price F.O.B. Ormond Beach, Fl.).

Click Here For Finance Application And Free Finance Quote



180 Day Conditional Money Back Guarantee

There is no one else in the portable refrigerated trailer business that has ever made the kind of daring offer that I’m about to.We are so confident in our product and from the feedback we receive from our customers that we know you will be satisfied with your new Cooler Trailer. We even guarantee it. Take 180 days to use your new trailer, make money and save money with it for a full six months and if you are not happy with it just return it to us for a refund.There is ONE very reasonable condition to this guarantee: You are responsible for freight back to us and will incur a rental fee for time used on trailer. We do this only to attract serious people looking for solutions

Now Is Your Time!

You can cut down a tree with a hammer or a chainsaw. Why use a hammer when a chainsaw saves time and energy. Time and energy are your most precious assets in business and the secret is to have the right tool to maximize profits.Take action today and explode your bottom line like so many of the other small businesses and Fortune 500 companies that already use Cooler Trailers. (Our current build time is 4-6 weeks)If you need a trailer quicker than our build time check out our specials & deals page and put a deposit down now. (Sign up here for Specials & Deals)

Rental Referral Program

Your purchase automatically enrolls you in our rental referral program that allows you to get rental leads from us absolutely free and you keep 100% of the rental fee. We get slammed with calls from all over the country and we would like to help you make some easy part time cash. Just 1 lead a month can provide an extra $7200.00 per year.Forget about part time, we have helped others create a recession proof full time business doing this alone.

“You Can’t Steal Second Base While Standing On First”

Everything in life requires a level of risk. What separates the successful folks is they calculate their risk and take action. Now that I’ve shown you this no-risk way to increase your profits while dramatically reducing costs in your business… And explode your growth to the next level….the next move is up to YOU.



Tom McBride