Put your walk in coolers on steroids.

A cooler or freezer that not only keeps your product but actually makes you money. Many of the businesses we deal with are in areas that cannot expand their cold storage, they have run out of room. Why not purchase a cooler trailer and expand your business exponentially.

Our portable walk in coolers put you back in control of your business and allow your store front more productive space.

If you need:

  • More cold storage space
  • More Productive workspace
  • Larger display area
  • Expand your business exponentially
  • Create more opportunity for your business
  • Set your business apart from others
  • Add delivery service

The addition of a Cooler Trailer is the cure. We have been helping small businesses to Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.

Just press the gas pedal and our walk in coolers and freezers will be in tow behind you.

Now you have a lot more possibilities for your business. Whether you are adding a profitable delivery service or just need to keep product for an expo or show our trailers are the perfect solution.

Unlike most refrigerated vans that will require special equipment and distinctly trained operative to restore, our portable walk in coolers can be repaired and maintained by any standard refrigeration tech. When considering the final cost of rent, maintenance, and mileage convenience, Cooler Trailers are certain to be an excellent choice for your business endeavors.

Ideal for all purposes, these coolers are extremely resourceful modes of space management and can make the difference between making a profit or not.

Depending on the need of those renting, these trailers are available in sizes that can range from eight to sixteen feet, guaranteed to be in optimal working condition upon arrival. Each of these trailers is extremely easy to drive and maneuver and can be effortlessly parked.